The ROI of Local Search Marketing

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The ROI of Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing has become a critical element for small businesses seeking new customers. Now more than ever consumers are using the web to locate products and services they need. Because of this, the competition for new customers has increased as the number of online venues increases. With all of the competition that small businesses have to face, it is vital to incorporate local marketing strategies into their campaigns. Below we introduce five of the most effective small business marketing strategies.

Local Search Marketing

One: Include your local marketing strategy in everything you do. Local search marketing is about placing your company on the map in local searches whenever potential customers are looking for a local business like yours. Local SEO is a key element of local marketing strategy that will make a positive impact on how your company is seen by new and current customers. A strong component of local search marketing includes making your company appear in that local group so that potential customers can quickly find and pick you.

Two: Implement proven organic traffic strategies. Organic traffic means getting visitors from all over the world to your site. However, the majority of Internet users do not travel outside of their regional area when searching for businesses in your area. To create quality organic traffic for your website, build links with other businesses that share similar values and goals as you do. These businesses can provide high-quality content related to your industry and allow you to gain credibility and authority within your local community.

Three: Build local search marketing content. Your website should feature content that is tailored to the audience in your target market. Your target audience is likely aware of the many ways that search engines optimize the web so make certain that the content you use targets specific keywords that will help you improve your search engine optimization.

Four: Invest in user experience. The entire point behind search engine optimization is to increase the user experience. When a visitor arrives at your site, they should be able to easily find everything that they are looking for and navigate through the site. If a visitor is not able to find what they are looking for, chances are they will go somewhere else. If your website does not contain high-quality content, user experience, and effective navigation, chances are your visitors will not stick around long enough to see results from your optimization efforts.

Five: Invest in blackjacks. A blink jar is an interesting piece of SEO technology that allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. A blink jar is simply a page on your website that displays a “buy now” button. Once the button has been clicked, it will automatically open a browser window. By placing a product link on this blink jar, you are able to take your prospects into a purchasing mode, rather than driving them away with your inbound marketing campaigns.

Six: Be transparent. If you want to continue to gain the advantage that you have worked hard to achieve, then you must continue to be transparent about the type of businesses that you represent. Many small businesses do not feel comfortable giving their phone number or website address so they choose to solely market themselves via search engines. As a result, they do not receive the full benefit of their marketing budget because the rest of their campaigns are focused on larger, more popular businesses. By being as open as possible, local search engine optimization businesses can truly benefit from increased visibility and traffic.

Today’s economy requires that a local business utilize every available marketing strategy in order to remain competitive. Investing in local search engine marketing strategies is one of the smartest investments that any small business can make. There are many benefits to marketing on a local level; not the least of which is the ability to reach a broader range of potential customers. These searches provide a way for local business to gain a front row seat at the table when it comes to getting noticed. It also allows small businesses to expand their customer base and gain valuable inbound marketing opportunities from the companies and organizations that notice their presence when these customers begin searching online.